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Whole School Curriculum

All of our pupils within KS3 and KS4 have access to the National Curriculum appropriately differentiated to meet their individual needs. In addition we compliment and extend this by building in a combination of therapeutic, skills based and behavioural interventions. We believe in a holistic approach and look at the pupil’s individual needs building, as much as possible, a curriculum around the child.

Whilst some pupils benefit from a creative and sensory curriculum which focuses upon communication others require a very structured environment with clear unambiguous language supported by the use of symbols and set tasks promoting learning to learn skills and early independence. Our most able pupils access lessons akin to mainstream with a focus upon functional numeracy, literacy and maximising social skills in order to gain accreditation to move on to local college provision.

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Subject Leader - Mrs C Endersby

Click here to see the English Policy

Click her to see the Annotation Policy



Subject Leader - Miss D Grogan

Click to see the Maths Policy


Subject Leader - Mr T Duxbury

Click here to see the Science Policy



Subject Leader - Mr D Sharp

Click to see the Computing Policy

Click to see the Computing Key Stage 3 Map


Subject Leader- Ms N Dean 

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Subject Leader- Mrs A Huggett

Click here to see the Key Stage PSHE Policy


Subject Leader- Mrs S Plant

Click here to see the Art and Design Policy



Subject Leader - Mrs H Willett

Click here to see the R.E. Policy

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Subject Leader - Miss J Kirk

Click here to see the History Policy



Subject Leader - Mrs R Allenby

Click here to see the Geography Policy


Food Technology

Subject Leader - Mr C Byrne


Click here to see the Cooking and Nutrition Policy

Click here to see the Key Stage 3 Food Technology Map

Vocational Education

Subject Leader - Mrs A Scott

Click here to see the CEIAG & WRL policy


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