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Comments from visitors to our school and college

Laura Coulthard - Researcher from Lancaster University
"I found Pendle Community High School and College to be very warm, welcoming and friendly - both students and staff."

Billie - Tesco
"I loved my visit. The children are so engaging, have lovely manners and are a joy to be around. They always  look after me when i visit and are a real credit to your school. "


Hodder to Attend 'Quiet Hour' in Tesco

Pupils from Hodder attended Tesco in Burnley during their newly organised 'Quiet Hour' in support of people with autism. A recent survey by the National Autistic Society highlighted 75% of parents in the UK feel most isolated in supermarkets due to lack of understanding and sensory discomforts. Tesco has introduced a Weekly Quiet Hour to make the shopping experience more accessible to adults, children and families living with Autism. Creating public Autism Awareness is at the core of this service. Please find below some of the changes you may notice during the Autism Quiet Hour

Autism Quiet Hour store changes

• All staff undergone initial autism training and briefing

• Doors at entrance will be left open

• Quiet Hour signs placed around the store

• Instore music turned off

• Escalators at the back of the store turned off

• No staff packing shelves

• Display TV’s turned off

• Tannoy’s turned off

• Lights Dimmed

• Allocated quiet zones

• Visual maps and social stories available at Customer Services

• Visuals on each aisle

• Allocated till for payment

• Staff members to help pack to speed up process at till point

• Hand dryers in toilets turned off 

• Public awareness.




National Citizen Service

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that helps young people build skills for work and life while taking on new personal challenges, meeting new friends and contributing to their community.

The Challenge, the country’s largest provider of NCS, is dedicated to ensuring that NCS is available to young people aged 15 – 17. We are able to provide a wide range of support, including additional staff, equipment hire, and a flexible curriculum to help young people overcome any additional barriers they might face in accessing NCS. Government backing ensures that each participant pays no more than £50 for the programme. Bursaries are available and easy to access - just let us know on the application form.   

NCS is a unique part-residential experience where teenagers take part in a range of adventurous activities helping to build confidence, independence and helping to develop skills such as teamwork, decision making and leadership. NCS also helps teenagers connect to their community through social action projects designed and delivered by the young people themselves. Over 200,000 teenagers have already benefited from taking part.

For more information visit, or talk to our NCS Coordinator, Binah Cooper, on or 07867567357.



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